Engineering researcher KKU invents fuel saving equipment

15 January 2015

 Dr. Kitti Wichetapong, invented an innovative piece of equipment which mixes biological gas with air for low revolution diesel engines which helps save fuel up to 70%.

Dr. Kitti, a lecturer at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, EN-KKU, invented an innovation which resembles a gas dispersion device to be placed between the intake pipe of an engine and the air filter. This device distributes biological gas from animal manure or agricultural produce with air by sucking in air into the engine. It is for use with biological gas in combination with diesel fuel.

The equipment is tested and is found to be successful for low revolution diesel engines like engines used for agricultural purposes like water pumps, plowing equipment, engines of vehicles etc. The research results can be applied to save diesel fuel for up to 70% and the engine performs as before.

Dr. Kitti added that the biogas can be produced by farmers at a very low cost. They can use biogas for cooking or putting into an engine. This device will help farmers to achieve that. “This research aimed to determine the shape, the number holes and the sizes of holes to enable optimal biogas and air mixing”

He also revealed that the equipment was designed and developed and was registered under intellectual property under the number 8015 named “gas and air distribution device suction system for low revolution diesel engines”

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