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On August 13, 2014. Faculty administrators warmly welcomed Dr.Eric Chowanietz, a visiting professors from De Montfort University (DMU), UK. Dr.Eric is invited to be a visiting professor at the Faculty of Engineering, KKU for 2 months during August - September 2014, he has a plan to teach at the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering.He has been to the Faculty last year to discuss academic collaboration with KKU and he has been invited to be a visiting professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, KKU for a month during July 1-31, 2013.

Faculty administrators warmly welcomed delegates from Tunghai University, Prof. Chin-Yin Huang and Dr. Sofia Nanyu Chen, who sought for academic collaboration especially in student exchage.

Faculties administrators welcomed delagates from Royal Thai Navy led by Rear Adm. Paitoon Prasopsin. On this occasion, they discussed concerning develop research collaboration in Mechatronics Engineering, Wireless communication, and Stirling Engine. In this regards, Asst. Prof. Dr. Nantakan Wongkasem gave a special lecture on “Metamaterials: Design & Applications” to all delegates. Afterward, the delegates visited Department Laboratories.

The collaboration between Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency (TICA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and University of Namibia, Namibia in order to expand the academic activities among both parties. In this regard,  our 4 members ; Assoc.Prof.Dr.Thavachai Thivavarnvongs from the Department of Agricultural Engineering, Assoc.Prof.Dr.Watcharin Gasaluck from the Department of Civil Engineering, Dr.Watis Leelapatra from Department of Computer Engineering and Dr. Atip Laungphairojana from Department of Chemical Engineering are invited to be the special lecturers at the University of Namibia :  . The Faculty of Engineering is very appreciated and would like to extend our congratulations to them. This invitation is the important step to elevate its Faculty to be the international institute

Following the signing of an MOU between the Faculty of Engineering and Japan Overseas Development Corporation (JODC), a training course on “Japanese Organizational Culture” was organized to develop students’ potentiality as required by entrepreneurs, especially Japanese. The program was successful in 2009.  Therefore, in 2010, the Faculty opens the course, “Manufacturing in Japanese Organization,” by inviting an expert from Japan, Mr. Moriro Kushiyama, a representative from JODC as a guest lecturer to co-teach with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ratchapol Santiwarakorn. JODC also supports scholarships for 15 students whose academic performance is very good in this subject to make a study trip to entrepreneurial venues and academic institutions in Japan. The trip is scheduled in March, 2011, and it is expected to bring benefits to the students who will be able to apply this experience in their future.

The awarded students consisting of;

the Academic Society of the Department of Civil Engineering organized the “First Exchange Program for Student Activity Leaders”. This program is aimed towards the excellence of the institution and has the following objectives: to develop the students’ potential through the student union’s international network, to build relationships with other engineering organizations, and to make agreement with them for activity collaboration such as in rural development work by building weirs and organizing sports competition. Dr. Ratmanee Nantasarn andAjarn Surat Pramuansakdikul, lecturers from the Civil Engineering are the project advisers.

The Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University in cooperation with JODC and AOTS of Japan organized The Training Program on Japanese Corporate Management for Thailand between March 7 and 17, 2011. The program was aimed at preparing students for their careers and Japanese corporate management.  Fifteen students from different departments took part in the activity; the project responsible person was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ratchaphon Santivarakorn.  The overseas trip is one of the four activities of the project, which are listed below:
     1.Training and Learning about Japanese Corporate Culture (15 weeks)
     2.Visiting Japanese Companies in Thailand (10 days)
     3.Japanese Language Training (4 months) and
     4.Visiting Japanese Companies and Factories in Japan (11 days)
During the training, students were given opportunities to learn about Japanese lifestyle, corporate culture, and actual working styles as well as technology management and leading companies’ management in Japan of five companies, namely ATSUHIRO MAX Company (producing automobile parts), TOHKEN THERMO TECH Company (metal hardening and coating), PANASONIC Company (Electronic and Electrical Appliances), Asahi Company (producing beverages, beer, and fruit juice), and JFE (the largest steel company in Japan and the world’s third-largest steel company with a capacity of 10 tons of steel production per year comparable to the annual production of Thai steel).  The steel production industry is Japan’s major basic industry enabling Japan to profoundly develop itself.  The steel produced is used as raw materials in a number of companies and factories in Japan; in particular, car production companies, car parts companies, and electrical and electronic appliances of all brands.
During the visit, students also had a chance to take Shinkansen, the bullet train with a speed over 220 kilometers per hours and visited world heritage cities (i.e., Kyoto and Nara). Moreover, as they were in Japan when it was hit by earthquakes and tsunamis, they were able to experience Japanese’s way of conduct, principles, and patience.  They learned methods and concepts of problem-solving and systematic and effective working styles.  They witnessed the loss and the world’s compassion for Japan.  It was a highly valued social experience for students to participate in activities during their stay.  Via the AOTS project, students participating in the program donated money and gave moral support to Japan on its worst ever disaster.

the Faculty of Engineering, KKU organized the House warming party for International Students and Visiting Professor called “Meeting with the EN-International students Day Program”. The Dean welcomed participants to the special lunch and games which aimed to promote communication among international students and visiting scholar. Moreover, Engineering staff also jointed the launch. Manu students shared experiences and difficulties while they are living in Thailand. The main obstacles are buying foods and transportation.dsc 0344

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