EN-KKU welcome Assoc. Prof. Behzad Shahmoradi from Iran

On August 5, 2019, Faculty administrator led by Asst. Prof. Komkrit  Pitiruek, Associate dean for Strategic Planning and Organizational Development, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, KKU, warmly welcomed Assoc. Prof. Behzad Shahmoradi from Iran who had been invited to be a visiting professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Kittirote Wantala.

Associate Professor Behzad Shahmoradi is an associate professor from Department of Environmental Health Engineering, Faculty of Health, Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, Iran. He has been granted a supporting fund from KKU, namely, “International Visiting Scholar” to teach and doing joint-research with EN-KKU lecturer, Assoc. Prof. Kittirote Wantala, on “Synthesis, characterization of ZnO-based nanomaterials, and their toxicity assessment”.