The world’s first time ever! Computer Engineering students join doctors to create mobile application

July 20, 2020 – Dr. Pariwat Phu-ngern, a lecturer of Department of Emergency Medicine, Srinagarind Hospital, Khon Kaen University revealed about Difficult Airway Detection Application (DI Detection App). This application is derived from the cooperation between Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Engineering, by Assoc. Prof. Wanida Kaen-akard, Mr. Sirawit Srisuriyanukul, and Mr. Sirapop Jarutanyalak. The idea popped up from a literature study on mobile application in health care. No research has been as yet carried out on this. Therefore, this project is the first of its kind in the world. A mobile application that helps doctors to assess risks happening to pa       ients from intubation by a Thyromental Height Test (TMHT) from the side photograph yields an answer whether intubation in that patient is difficult or simple.

“Intubation in emergency cases is a very important medical procedure. Before the procedure, the doctor has to assess the risk from difficult intubation. This was formerly done from experience. But from the literature review, we found that measuring the distance (Thyromental Height Test: TMHT) is the most reliable method that can predict the risk. So we chose this method to develop the application that helps us making decision.”

“It works when the patient lies flat in a standard position. The application takes the picture from the patient’s side and calculates the distance. This only takes 5 second. For example, if TMHT of a patient is over 5 cm, then s/he has a risk from difficult intubation. The doctor has to get better prepared for this case in order to reduce complications.”

“Besides the capacity to predict difficult intubation, DI Detection App provides key information for doctors to consider before beginning the procedure. For example, for a patient with COVID-19, there are steps to follow how to deal with the patient. In case the medicine dose or steps cannot be recalled, the data are readily available in the application. At present, DI Detection App is only at its initial stage. We still have to go on with Faculty of Engineering to use Artificial intelligent (AI) to analyze and develop the application more. We also have plans to conduct research on the use of the application in real patients.”

DI Detection App that takes a side picture of the patient and provides an answer whether it is difficult to intubate the patient is one factor under the analysis of Difficult Airway Assessment based on Case-Based Reasoning that utilize the patient’s data in planning appropriate treatment for each case. This will reduce the complications that can arise from intubation and save lives. Interested doctors please download the app from: