The Department of Chemical Engineering was established in 1984 to offer high quality chemical engineering programs at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. The Department aims to produce graduates who can efficiently design, build and control manufacturing processes and systems in several industries such as petrochemical industry, chemical industry, energy and environment industry. At the undergraduate level, the Department offers both regular and special programs. In the special undergraduate program, courses will be conducted in the evenings and weekends. The regular and special programs are of the same standard and quality. The Department also offers a master’s degree program in chemical engineering. In this program students are required to do course work from a list of courses available and a thesis under the supervision of the supervisor designated by the Department. A doctoral degree program in chemical engineering will be offered in the second semester of 2009.
Being equipped with well-qualified teaching and supporting staff, as well as laboratory and advanced research equipment, the Department is in a strong position to conduct research and provide academic and professional services relevant to the needs of the community.

  • Chemical Engineering Laboratory
  • Ceramics Laboratory
  • Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
  • Material Characterization Laboratory
  • High Pressure Reactor and Catalytic Reactor for Chemical Reaction Study
  • Surface Area Measurement DeviceResearch Areas:
  • Catalysis Reaction: Synthesis and study of mechanism of the reaction and applications of catalysts
  • Polymer and Composite Materials
  • Activated Carbon Production from Agricultural Waste Material
  • Biodegradable Plastic
  • Plant Extraction via Supercritical Fluid Technique
  • Extraction of Bio-Oil from Native Micro Algae
  • Microbial Fuel Cell
  • Biodiesel Production Via Conventional and Supercritical Processes
  • Waste Water Treatment : Removal of dye, phenol and heavy metal from industrial waste water