The Department of Computer Engineering was founded in 1990 to deliver an international standard computer engineering program due to the lack of computer engineers in Thailand. It became the first computer engineering department outside of the capital city. The aim is to produce high quality and efficient graduates who are not only excellent in hardware technology but also proficient in software development. Variety of courses are offered, emphasizing on the development of computer system architectures, computer networks, digital communications, computer programming, database, digital signal processing, etc. To further fulfill the ever-increasing need of computer experts and the development of Thailand, the Department has offered the master’s degree program since 1998, and has planned to offer the doctoral degree program in 2009. So far, we have produced more than 400 graduates, who are employed at several prominent government sectors and private companies.
The Department also has strong potentials for conducting in-depth research and providing computer and information services to the region and the country. We have continuously developed our personnel and faculties in order to produce highest quality graduates.
Other than having experts in many computer engineering fields, the Department is also equipped with instruments and laboratories that help enhanced learning, and improved research and academic services.

  • Computer Network Laboratory
  • Wireless Communications Laboratory
  • Data Communications Laboratory
  • Microprocessor Laboratory
  • Database Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • PCB Prototyping Laboratory (Joint project with the Department of Electrical Engineering)Research Area:
  • Data communications
  • Computer networks
  • Embedded systems
  • Database systems
  • Human and computer interaction
  • Artificial intelligence
  • XML
  • Digital signal processing
  • Image processing
  • Computer architectureCenters of excellence and KKU’s Regulated Organizations