The Northeastern part of Thailand is a very important region in terms of its economy, politics, and strategic location. The majority of population’s way of living depends on agriculture. Agricultural production in the region still lacks development and primarily relies on natural conditions. Thus, the efficiency, quality, and quantity of the produces are low and often unpredictable. The usage and management of water resource and soil need to be modernized, whereas the usage and development of agricultural machinery need to be improved in order to increase the efficiency of production. Due to these problems, the Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University has realized the need and the importance of carrying out research, innovation, and producing high quality graduates in this field. The Department of Agricultural Engineering was founded as the 3rd department in the Faculty of Engineering in 1967. The main objectives have always been to produce qualified graduates, conduct scholarly and practical researches, and provide academic services in the field of Agricultural Engineering. The Department aims to apply its technology and expertise to agricultural works such as water and soil management and preservation, remote and sensing & GIS for water and soil engineering, design of agricultural machinery, control and storage of agricultural products, postharvest technology, etc.

Currently, the Department offers 2 sub-majors for the bachelor’s degree program: Agricultural Machinery Engineering, and Soil and Water Engineering. The curricula focus on problem solving and development in the agricultural field. Emphasis has been placed upon effective utilization of natural resources and optimization of industrial production. The master’s degree program offers one sub-majors : Agricultural and Food Engineering. For the doctoral degree program, the curriculum offers one major in Agricultural Machinery Engineering. The Department has well-equipped laboratories for students in all degree programs.
The Department of Agricultural Engineering also has the Agricultural Machinery and Postharvest Technology Research Center, which is financially supported by the university. The center is obligated to conduct researches and provide community services in the field of Agricultural Engineering and Postharvest Technology.


    • Soil and Water Engineering Laboratory
    • Agricultural Machinery Engineering Laboratory
    • Processing and Postharvest Technology Laboratory
    • Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory
    • Agricultural Engineering Computer LaboratoryResearch Areas:
    • Soil and Water Development: Environmental management of the Pong River basin; Flooding warning system near the Shi River basin; Development and quality evaluation using the GIS; Study of land usage using satellite data, remote sensing and GIS; Design of small water sources; Small basin management; Small basin inundation; Modeling of inundation prevention; Alkaline soil control; Development of ground water drillers; etc.
    • Agricultural Machinery, Processing and Postharvest Technology: Reduction of losses from rice harvesting and threshing machines; Reduction of production losses from rice milling; Peanut processing machine; Pineapple sizing machine; Pineapple planting machine; Cassava harvesting machine; Cashew nut sizing and shell cracking machine; Cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) extracting machine; mango sizing machine; Banana drying machine using microwave; Cassava starch modification technique; Sugar processing technology; Rice milling technology; Energy consumption analysis and management; Mushroom production block forming machine; charcoal block development; Bio-diesel oil (Jatropha curcas)extracting machine; etc.