KKU can provide some supporting fund for International Visiting Scholar whom has academic collaboration with a EN-KKU lecturer. The detail of the fund can be provided as follows:

International Visiting Scholar Program

Khon Kaen University


Travel Expenses

Accommodation Fee (amount paid as actual expenses)

Visa Expenses

Travel Insurance

Living Allowance

Domestic Tickets in Thailand

round-trip air ticket

Up to 150,000 Baht

(amount paid as actual expenses)

Economic Class

Economic Class

Up to 20,000 Baht/month

amount paid as actual expenses

amount paid as actual expenses

2,000 Baht/day


  1. The travel expenses and Insurance will be paid as actual expenses. To reimburse, a recipient must hand in original copies of receipts and boarding pass.
  2. To reimburse accommodation fees, a recipient must hand in original copies of receipts and hotel folio.
  3. For visa fees, original receipts from the Thai embassy or consular in recipient’s home country is only accepted.
  4. Only if a recipient who stay in KKU at least 4 weeks but not exceed 12 weeks will receive living allowances. The duration of the stay will be counted from the departure date from recipient’s home country to the departure date from KKU that indicated in recipient’s boarding pass.
    ** This support is actually provided around December of each year. Therefore, the information can be confirmed after its announcement.**