Civil engineering is a profession concerned with various aspects of the urban development. It is responsible for designing and constructing buildings, roads, bridges, and irrigation systems, which are essential infrastructures of the modern world.
The Department of Civil Engineering, was founded in 1964 and it was the first engineering discipline in the Faculty of Engineering. Our goal is to develop highly qualified civil engineers who are capable of performing analysis and design of infrastructures, for example, buildings, bridges, foundation of structures, highway, irrigation system, etc. At present, there are 7 divisions under the Department; structural engineering, material engineering, water resource engineering, transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering, survey engineering and construction management. Diversity in these disciplines allows our graduates to be highly competitive. The Department offers programs in civil engineering in many levels, from bachelor to doctoral degrees. We also provide graduate courses for international students who are interested in pursuing their study and research at Khon Kaen University.
The Department is well equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities, including multimedia-ready classrooms, computer laboratory with latest software, and testing equipment. The availability of these facilities allows our students to conduct high-level research more effectively. Many research projects are also conducted under some collaboration with leading research institutes, for example, Department of Highway, Mie University, Saitama University and the University of South Australia

  • Structural Engineering Laboratory
  • Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
  • Survey Engineering Laboratory
  • Transportation and Highway Engineering Laboratory
  • Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory

Research Areas:

    • Development of Computer-Aided Design and Analysis Software
    • Nondestructive Testing of Structures
    • Vibration Monitoring and Control of Structures
    • Development of High Performance Foundation System
    • Development of Construction Materials such as Geopolymer
    • Analysis of Transportation System Using GIS
    • Design and Management of Irrigation System